Sentence Examples with the word jointed

The Hemiptera, with their piercing mandibles and first maxillae and with their second maxillae fused to form a jointed beak, stand far apart from them.

She knocked his hand away and headed for the house in a stiff jointed hobble.

The screw, turned by the wheels at g', acts in a toothed arc, whence, as shown in the figure, equal and opposite motion is communicated to the slides by the jointed rods v, v.

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Sometimes the pair of appendages has not a merely tactile jointed ramus, but is converted into a claw or clasper.

The jointed leaves are fleshy or leathery; the flowers are generally large with a well-developed lip.

Opposite this space, and backed against the beautifully jointed polygonal wall which has for some time been known, and which supports the terrace on which the temple stands, is the colonnade of the Athenians.

It was John Flesher who chiefly guided the movement from a loosely jointed Home Missionary Organization on to the lines of a real Connexionalism.

Taking as our type the head of a cicad, we find a jointed rostrum or beak (figs.

They are constructed of parallelepipedal blocks of limestone, finely jointed (though the jointing has often been spoilt by weathering), and arranged in regular courses which vary in size in different parts of the enceinte.

The ten thousand known species included in this group agree with the Cynipoidea and Chalcidoidea in the position of the ovipositor and in the jointed trochanters, but are distinguished by the fore-wing possessing a distinct stigma and usually a typical series of nervures and areolets (figs.