Sentence Examples with the word johns hopkins

C. Steiner, Maryland during the English Civil War (2 vols., Baltimore, 1906-190.7), one of the Johns Hopkins University Studies.

A representative list includes: - the Charity Organization Society, the primary object of which is to organize the work of the others; the Baltimore Association for the Improvement of the Condition of the Poor, which seeks to discourage indiscriminate alms-giving; the Bay View asylum or city poorhouse; the Children's Aid Society; the Thomas Wilson Fuel-Saving Society, for furnishing coal at low rates; the Woman's Industrial Exchange, for assisting women in need to support themselves; Johns Hopkins hospital, noted for the excellence of its equipment especially for heating and ventilating; Saint Joseph's general hospital; hospital for the women of Maryland of Baltimore city; nursery and child's hospital; Baltimore eye, ear and throat charity hospital; Maryland hospital for the - insane; the Sheppard asylum, intended especially for the cure of the insane; the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt hospital; the Baltimore orphan asylum; Saint Vincent's infant asylum; the Thomas Wilson sanatorium for children, intended for children under three years of age, who are suffering from disease, during the warm summer months; the Free Summer Excursion Society, for affording a change of air to the indigent sick; home for the incurables; homes for the aged; homes for friendless children; institutions for the blind; and institutions for the deaf and dumb.

Ladd, Boston, 1887); Werner Luthe, Beitrage zur Logik (Berlin, 1872, 18 77); Members of Johns Hopkins University, Studies in Logic (edited by C. S.

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Wilson, History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (Boston, 1872); Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science (Baltimore, 1889-1902); Du Bois, Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States (New York, 1896); Merriam, The Negro and the Nation (New York, 1906); Sir H.

Harry, The Mar y land Constitution of 1851, Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science (Baltimore, 1902), contains an account of the agitation from 1835 to 1850 for constitutional reform; B.

Martin's Internal Improvements in Alabama (Baltimore, 1902; Johns Hopkins University Studies, series 20, No.

Adams, Taxation in Maryland, Johns Hopkins University Studies (Baltimore, 1900), an historical account of the sources of the state's revenue and administration of its taxing system; A.

Lessons in Logic, c. xxiii.), John Venn (see his Symbolic Logic, 2nd ed., 18 94, p. 135), and Allan Marquand (see American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 188 5, pp. 303-7, and Johns Hopkins University Studies in Logic, 1883).

Treadwell, The Constitution of the State of California Annotated (San Francisco, 1902); Johns Hopkins University, Studies in History and Political Science, xiii., R.

Haynes, Representation and Suffrage in Massachusetts, 1620 - 1691, in Johns Hopkins University, Studies in History,.