Sentence Examples with the word john knox

During the reign of Edward, the title of superintendent was often adopted instead of bishop, and it will be recollected that John Knox was an honoured worker in England with the title of superintendent during this reign.

With other captives, John Knox was put aboard a French galley.

She also provoked a dangerous enemy in John Knox by her expressed contempt for a letter which he had written to her, but the first revolt against her authority arose from an attempt to establish a standing army.

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In 1560 John Knox propounded in his First Book of Discipline a comprehensive scheme of education from elementary to university, but neither this proposal nor an act passed by the privy council in 1616 for the establishment of a school in every parish was carried into effect.

In 1592 these were superseded by that of John Craig, for a time the colleague of John Knox at the High Church, Edinburgh.

In the 16th century the movements connected with John Knox and Mary, queen of Scots, made Edinburgh a castle of much activity.

In May 1559 John Knox preached in St John's his famous sermon in denunciation of idolatry.

In 1560 a confession of faith was prepared by John Knox and five companions.

The somewhat unfavourable view of John Knox presented in his book John Knox and the Reformation (1905) aroused considerable controversy.

Just outside the church in Parliament Square, the supposed grave of John Knox is indicated by a stone set in the pavement bearing his initials, and in the pavement to the west a heart indicates the site of the old Tolbooth,' which figures prominently in Scott's Heart of Midlothian.