Sentence Examples with the word job

After all, it was the doctor's job to keep you healthy, not to make money when you were sick.

Only a person can do a job if it requires a sense of justice or a sense of wonder or any of the thousands of things a machine will never be able to do.

A man of few words, Gabriel hadn't gotten used to the political side of his job yet.

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I wondered if he'd regret leaving his job and family, but he seems to have adjusted well.

She couldn't help thinking the creature whose job it was to trick people into Hell wasn't above lying to the human mate he took.

I see here you've only been working in pediatrics for a month, but you have an impressive job history for a girl your age.

The job was probably filled by now, anyway.

The job is done - and done correctly.

Further, assume the best job pays the most and is the most fun, and the worst job pays the least and is the least fun.

Cynthia was thrilled with her new job and her school classes were finally coming together.