Sentence Examples with the word joachim

At Hallein, pop. (1900) 6608, with celebrated saline springs known since the beginning of the 12th century, in October 1809, encounters between the French and the Tirolese under Joachim Johann Haspinger took place.

His hostility towards the reformers, however, was not so extreme as that of his brother Joachim I., elector of Brandenburg; and he appears to have exerted himself in the interests of peace, although he was a member of the league of Nuremberg, which was formed in 1538 as a counterpoise to the league of Schmalkalden.

It is sufficient to recall the well-known names of Joachim of Floris, of all the numerous Franciscan spiritualists, of the leading sectaries from the 13th to the 15th century who assailed the papacy and the secularism of the church - above all, the name of Occam.

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As the election of any cardinal seemed impossible, on the 5th of July 1294 the Sacred College united on Pietro di Morrone; the cardinals expected to rule in the name of the celebrated but incapable ascetic. Apocalyptic notions then current doubtless aided his election, for Joachim of Floris and his school looked to monasticism to furnish deliverance to the church and to the world.

De la langue francaise (1905), with biographical and critical introduction by Leon Seche, who also wrote Joachim du Bellay, documents nouveaux et inedits (1880), and published in 1903 the first volume of a new edition of the Ouvres;, Lettres de Joachim du Bellay (1884), edited by P. de Nolhac; G..

To John Ray, the famous English naturalist, the credit is generally given of first making species a definite term in zoology and botany, but Ray owed much of his classification to Kaspar or Gaspard Bauhin (1550-1624), profressor of Greek and of Anatomy and Botany at Basel, and much of his clear definition of terms to an unpublished MS. of Joachim Jung of Hamburg (1587-1657).

His son Joachim (1540-1599).

Throughout these later commentaries a strong antipapal interest which identified the pope with the Antichrist holds a central place - a doctrine which, as we have seen, goes back historically to the immediate disciples of Joachim and like-minded Franciscans.

Sack (1738-1817), Johann Joachim Spalding (1714-1804) and others - and became one of the leaders of the rationalistic party, and one of the chief contributors to C. F.

The university, which is referred to above, was opened by the elector Joachim I.