Sentence Examples with the word jimenez

In 1536-1537 an expedition under Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada made their way from Santa Marta inland by the river Magdalena, and penetrated to Bogota, the capital of the Muiscas or Chibchas.

The country between Peru and Panama was subdued before 1537 by the conquest of Quito by Sebastian de Benalcazar 'and of New Granada by Jimenez de Quesada.

But at the end of 1499 Cardinal Jimenez insisted on adopting coercive measures.

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See the Conoscimienlo, p. Too, as edited by Marcos Jimenez de la Espada in the Boletin de la sociedad geogrdfica de Madrid, February 1877); Le Canarien in P. Margry, Conquete des.