Sentence Examples with the word jewelry

She marveled over the clothing and jewelry before changing.

Mr Peppe presented the coffer and vases with specimens of the jewelry to the museum at Calcutta where they still are.

Texting, Traci led them into the jewelry store.

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Rather than return home right away, she explored several small jewelry stores, looking for the perfect gift for Evelyn before she took her daily trip to the gym.

His gaze settled on the only piece of jewelry she owned, a red gem that matched his eyes on a strip of leather around her neck.

It is the chief seat of the glass pearl and imitation jewelry manufacture, and has also an important textile industry, and produces large quantities of hardware, papier mache and other paper goods.

Whoever owned the soul, he or she was important to find their way to Death's jewelry box.

Her extravagant expenditure, returned by Salisbury in 1605 at more than L50,000 and by Chamberlain at her death at more than 84,000, was unfavourably contrasted with the economy of Queen Elizabeth; in spite of large allowances and grants of estates which included Oatlands, Greenwich House and Nonsuch, it greatly exceeded her income, her debts in 1616 being reckoned at nearly fio,000, while her jewelry and her plate were valued at her death at nearly half a million.

While there was evidence of the opportunity to switch the bones, there was the nagging problem of Fitzgerald having neither knowledge nor chance to steal the bone fragment from Cynthia's jewelry box.

The establishments include slaughtering and meat-packing houses, whose product is by far the most valuable in the city, bleacheries, finishing factories, glassworks, machine shops, tube works, jewelry factories, and a desk factory.