Sentence Examples with the word jetty

An opening in the south jetty affords an entrance into Agha harbour, constructed in Agha Bay.

There is a coaling jetty and camber for the storage of both sea-borne and land-borne coal, with hydraulic appliances for handling it.

In 1871 it was found expedient to lengthen the piers seaward, and in 1876 the south jetty was prolonged, so as to bring its end exactly opposite the lighthouse on the north pier.

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Along the shore in a southerly direction from the long jetty which protects the entrance to the port.

Long jetties spring out on either side of the entrance, curving round about midway in order to run parallel to the river, thus forming a huge funnelshaped entrance; the eastern jetty forms a landing-stage for passenger traffic and the western is designed for the shipment of bunker and cargo coal.

It has since grown considerably, and is provided with wharves and docks and a jetty 1066 ft.

The north jetty is 4 000 ft.

In a line with the jetty is Adderley Street, and its continuation Government Avenue.

The harbour, artificially constructed, and equipped with a jetty and piers, admits vessels of 250 tons.

In length, from the eastern jetty of the old, harbour.