Sentence Examples with the word jet black

The latterfor which the generic term in Japan is mushi or kaichinclude some beautiful species, from the jewel beetle (tama-mushi), the gold beetle (kogane-mushi) and the Chrysochroa fulgidissima, which glow and sparkle with the brilliancy of gold and precious stones, to the jet black Melanauster chinensis, which- seems to have been fashioned out of lacquer spotted with white.

This fur is dyed jet black and various shades of brown and grey, and manufactured into articles for the small drapers and for exportation.

Her jet black hair was swept up gracefully into a plaited crown.

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It may be obtained as jet black octahedra (isomorphous with thoria) by fusion with borax.

Furthermore, there is a common littoral fish in the Mediterranean (Uranoscopus scaber), belonging to the same family as Trachinus, exhibiting the same habits and living on the same ground, which also has a jet black erectile dorsal fin, and is believed to be poisonous.