Sentence Examples with the word jeroboam

OMRI, in the Bible, the first great king of Israel after the separation of the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah, who flourished in the early part of the 9th century B.C. The dynasty of Jeroboam had been exterminated by Baasha (see AsA) at a revolt when the army was besieging the Philistines at Gibbethon, an unidentified Danite site.

Perhaps, a man of Gad), and during the disturbances at the death of Jeroboam II.

But under Jeroboam II.

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It may perhaps be no mere chance that with the dynasties of Omri and Jehu the historical continuity is more firm, that older forms of prophetical narrative are preserved (the times from Ahab to Jehu), and that to the reign of the great Jeroboam (first half of the 8th century), the canonical writers have ascribed the earliest of the extant prophetical writings (Amos and Hosea).

It was taken from Jeroboam by Abijah, king of Judah (2 Chr.

The Pequod's signal was at last responded to by the stranger's setting her own; which proved the ship to be the Jeroboam of Nantucket.

The relation between the present late prophecies of Jonah and the unknown prophet of the time of Jeroboam II.

The decisive victories were gained by Jeroboam II.

The story of Ahijah's prophecy against Jeroboam (ch.

The growing power of Judah, however, aroused the jealousy of Israel, which, after the death of Jeroboam (2), had fallen on evil days (see Menahem).