Sentence Examples with the word jelly

Maxwell illustrates the difference between a soft solid and a hard liquid by a jelly and a block of pitch; also by the experiment of supporting a candle and a stick of sealingwax; after a considerable time the sealing-wax will be found bent and so is a fluid, but the candle remains straight as a solid.

If the hunter has a taste for mud-turtles, muskrats, and other such savage tidbits, the fine lady indulges a taste for jelly made of a calf's foot, or for sardines from over the sea, and they are even.

The first is that we all value things differently, such as in our jelly bean example.

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You can celebrate the beginning of British cherry season with a fruit jelly flavored with brandy.

To each other and also on to a straight jelly stem.

One can imagine two children each with a bag of jelly beans.

The sap in these active tissues is alkaline, which has been interpreted as being in accordance with not appear to be concerned with digestion so directly as the others is pectase, which forms vegetable jelly from pectic substances occurring in the cell-wall.

Most cases aren't like our jelly bean example where each person had the items the other person wanted.

Jill hates the licorice ones and eats all her jelly beans except the licorice ones.

He grabbed a butter knife and began spreading jelly on a biscuit.