Sentence Examples with the word jejune

From the creation of the world until about 1040 these Annales are a jejune copy of other annals, but from 1040 to their conclusion in 1077 they are interesting for the history of Germany and the papacy.

You don't write a jejune collection of hodgepodge letters and numbers like these.

Gassendi's jejune Life (Paris, 1654) is thus the earliest extant of any note.

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Generally speaking the Arabic writings are late in point of date, and cold and jejune in style; while it must also be remembered that they are set religious works written to defend Islam.

With the general decay of ancient civilization under the Roman empire, even scientific research ceased, and though there were literary revivals, like that connected with the new Atticism under the Antonine emperors, these were mainly imitative and artificial, and even learning became at last under the Byzantine emperors a jejune and formal tradition (see Greek Literature).

The story is carried on by a series of jejune compilations known as the Flores historiarum (ed.

After 1071 our accounts of William's doings become jejune and disconnected.