Sentence Examples with the word jeep

It had been the mildest late winter in years and the lack of high country snow had opened the Jeep roads weeks earlier than usual.

The group left the Jeep and spent more than an hour on foot with Cynthia taking infinite care with each of her photos.

As he watched, Faust's Jeep passed into view, with two figures clearly visible.

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As they circled an outcrop of rock, they were surprised to see a yellow open-top Jeep parked behind the boulders, invisible from below.

He'd reached to the main Jeep road from the faint trail to the Lucky Pup when a sound broke the stillness of dusk.

While the rush of air in the topless Jeep hindered communication, they usually managed to chatter away in spite of the noise.

It was only a couple of blocks to Duckett's Market, but he needed the Jeep to haul the groceries.

After a call to Fred at Bird Song and the necessary schedule changes, they once again boarded the Jeep for the one-hour ride.

He turned the Jeep at the far end of town and began following her.

She crossed her heart as she pulled to the side of the narrow road to let a Jeep pass.