Sentence Examples with the word jargon

The fraternity possessed also a jargon of their own (Ramasi), as well as certain signs by which its members recognized each other in the remotest parts of India.

We will explain the major provisions of the legislation and attempt to demystify accompanying jargon often used by privacy professionals.

Compared with the barbarous macaronic jargon of the contemporary official language it shines forth as a masterpiece of pure, pithy and original Danish.

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Click on the links below to decipher the jargon you are likely to come across when you take out a mortgage.

There's nothing quite like technology with its impenetrable jargon for frightening off your average human being.

A tutor will teach you how to use the Internet without confusing jargon or technical details.

She read through the notes on the first page as she returned, unable to make out Wynn's medical jargon and short hand.

In his essay on style De Quincey says that the best English is to be found in the letters of the cultivated gentlewoman, because she has read only a few good books and has not been corrupted by the style of newspapers and the jargon of street, market-place, and assembly hall.

True it is that there were not wanting other men in these islands whose common sense refused to accept the metaphorical doctrine and the mystical jargon of the Quinarians, but so strenuously and persistently had the Laster asserted their infallibility, and so vigorously had they assailed any who ventured to doubt it, that most peaceable ornithologists found it best to bend to the furious blast, and in some sort to acquiesce at least in the phraseology of the self-styled interpreters of Creative Will.

Further research of the domain name handbook located a glossary of common terms which will explain any domain name jargon or technical terms.