Sentence Examples with the word january 1

The sturdy Protestantism of Taylor and his flock, who seem to have caused various commotions, marked him out for the special enmity of Mary's government; and he was one of the first to suffer when in January 1 555 parliament had once more given the clerical courts liberty of jurisdiction.

He expired in the arms of his consort, after terrible suffering, on the 28th of January 1 725.

ANDRE MARIE AMPERE (1775-1836), French physicist, was born at Polemieux, near Lyons, on the 22nd of January 1 775.

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He resigned office on the 23rd of January 1 793, two days after the king's execution.

On the 7th of January 1 794 Robespierre, who on a former occasion had defended Camille when in danger at the hands of the National Convention, in addressing the Jacobin club counselled not the expulsion of Desmoulins, but the burning of certain numbers of the Vieux Cordelier.

The petition was refused and was condemned as scandalous, and Franklin, who took upon himself the responsibility for the publication of the letters, in the hearing before the privy council at the Cockpit on the 29th of January 1 774 was insulted and was called a thief by Alexander Wedderburn (the solicitor-general, who appeared for Hutchinson and Oliver), and was removed from his position as head of the post office in the American colonies.

CHRISTIAN DANIEL BECK (1757-1832), German philologist, historian, theologian and antiquarian, one of the most learned men of his time, was born at Leipzig on the 22nd of January 1 757.

ARMAND-PIERRE CAUSSIN DE PERCEVAL (1795-1871), French orientalist, was born in Paris on the 13th of January 1 795.

PIERRE DE MARCA (1594-1662), French prelate and historian, was born at Gan, near Pau, on the 24th of January 1 594.

He was apparently much in East Friesland till 1541; in North Holland, with Amsterdam as centre, from 1541 to 1543; again till '545 in East Friesland (where he held a disputation at Emden with John a Lasco in January 1 544); till 1547 in South Holland; next, about Lubeck; at Wismar in1553-1554(he held two disputations with Martin Micronius at Norden in February 1 554); lastly at Wustenfelde, a village near Oldesloo, between Hamburg and Lubeck, where he died on the 13th of January 1 559.