Sentence Examples with the word january

But in January 69 his hopes were dissipated by Galba's formal adoption of L.

While he was detained on this business the archbishop of Armagh died in January 1625, and the king at once nominated Usher to the vacant primacy; but severe illness and other causes impeded his return to Ireland until August 1626.

SALMON PORTLAND CHASE (1808-1873), American statesman and jurist, was born in Cornish township, New Hampshire, on the 13th of January 1808.

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In January 1274 he was summoned by Pope Gregory X.

RICHARD AUNGERVYLE (1287-1345), commonly known as Richard De Bury, English bibliophile, writer and bishop, was born near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, on the 24th of January 1287.

Nicolas Bernoulli (1695-1726), the eldest of the three sons of Jean Bernoulli, was born on the 27th of January 1695.

HEINRICH SCHLIEMANN (1822-1890), German archaeologist, was born on the 6th of January 1822 at Neu Buckow in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the son of a poor pastor.

The Loyalist sentiment was so strong that only five of the twelve parishes sent representatives to the First Provincial Congress, which met on the 18th of January 1775, and its delegates to the Continental.

The date of his birth has been disputed, and certain curious facts have been cited in proof of the assertion that he was born on the 7th of January 1768, and that his brother Joseph, who passed as the eldest surviving son, was in reality his junior.

The report of the committee, which is dated January 1897, was presented to parliament in April 1899, and dealt with the practicability of the project, the route, the cost and the revenue.