Sentence Examples with the word jan

It was owing to Laski's intrigues that the new hospodar of Moldavia, Petrylo, after doing homage to the Porte, intervened in the struggle as the foe of both Ferdinand and Sigismund, and besieged the Grand Hetman of the Crown, Jan Tarnowski, in Obertyn, where, however, the Moldavians (August 22, 1531) sustained a crushing defeat, and Petrylo was slain.

Only lasted about twenty months; on the 30th of June 1500 he was dethroned by Tumanbey, who caused Jan Belt, the Atabeg, to be proclaimed sultan.

His father was Caspar Jan Hendrick Kruger, who was born in 1796, and whose wife bore the name of Steyn.

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IGNACE JAN PADEREWSKI (1860-), Polish pianist and composer, was born in Podolia, a province of Russian Poland.

A temporary peace was no sooner secured than Commandant Jan Viljoen rose in revolt and engaged Kruger's forces.

The business founded by him about 1602 was continued by his sons and his son-in-law, Jan Janszon (Jansonius) and others.

A method of generating conics essentially the same as our modern method of homographic pencils was discussed by Jan de Witt in his Elementa linearum curvarum (1650); but he treated the curves by the Cartesian method, and not synthetically.

Little as yet had been produced in Polish, as the chroniclers still adhered to Latin; and here mention must be made of Jan Dlugosz, who called himself Longinus.

Batavia owes its origin to the Dutch governor-general Pieter Both, who in 1610 established a factory at Jacatra (which had been built on the ruins of the old Javanese town of Sunda Calappa), and to his successor, Jan Pieters Coen, who in 1619 founded in its stead the present city, which soon acquired a flourishing trade and increased in importance.

The spruit or spring which gives its name to the town was called after one of the emigrant farmers, Jan Bloem.