Sentence Examples with the word james mill

Bower, Hartley and James Mill (1881); James McCosh, Scottish Philosophy (1885); J.

In 1817 he came under the influence of David Ricardo, and through him of James Mill and Jeremy Bentham.

It was severely attacked in 1835 by James Mill in his Fragment on Mackintosh.

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Though he believed that the lower classes were not yet ripe for socialism, with the principles of which he (unlike James Mill and Bentham) was in general agreement, his whole life was devoted to the amelioration of the conditions of the working classes.

This tribunal realized an idea put forward by Jeremy Bentham towards the close of the 18th century, advocated by James Mill in the middle of the 19th century, and worked out later by Mr Dudley Field in America, by Dr Goldschmidt in Germany, and by Sir Edmund Hornby and Mr Leone Levi in England.

Six years elapsed before he again entered the House, and during that interval he had made the acquaintance and imbibed the doctrines of James Mill and the philosophical reformers of the school of Bentham.