Sentence Examples with the word jamaica

The Jamaica Magazine (1812-1813), the Jamaica Monthly Magazine (1844-1848), and the Victoria Quarterly (1889-1892), which contained many valuable articles on the West Indies, were other magazines.

In Jamaica also the plant has been grown, at first amongst the cinchona trees, but more recently in new ground, as it was found to exhaust the soil.

Between 1700 and the end of 1786 as many as 610,000 were transported to Jamaica alone, which had been an English possession since 1655.

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West Indies And British Crown Colonies In Jamaica the Columbian Magazine was founded at Kingston in 1796 and ceased publication in 1800.

Coco-nut palm, banana, Jamaica dogwood, manchineel and mangrove; the Tropical belt in the lower valley of the Colorado has giant cactuses.

But this state of affairs was too insecure even for these rovers, and they would speedily have succumbed had not a refuge been found for them by the fortunate conquest of Jamaica in 1655 by the navy of the English Commonwealth.

The attack on Hispaniola, however, was a disastrous failure, and though a landing at Jamaica and the capture of the capital, Santiago de la Vega, was effected, the expedition was almost annihilated by disease; and Penn and Venables returned to England, when Cromwell threw them into the Tower.

She died at Jamaica Plain, Boston, on the 3rd of January 1894.

They hung doggedly along the coasts of Jamaica and Santo Domingo, but their day was nearly over.

It is stated by Darwin that the pigs which have run wild in Jamaica and New Granada have resumed this aboriginal character, and produce longitudinally striped young; these being the descendants of domestic animals introduced from Europe since the Spanish conquest, as before that time there were no true pigs in the New World.