Sentence Examples with the word jade

I will make him our tool, Jade said, his mind working fast to find a way to keep Darkyn from destroying everyone.

She had to get out of there before Jade found a way to alert Sasha.

Darkyn.s chuckle filled the air around them, and Jade watched Sasha.s face turn from expectant to furious.

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His mind foggy with pain, Jade began to humor thoughts he.d previously rejected.

Kiki rolled his eyes, and Jade inched away from Rhyn, who bared his teeth in a humorless grin.

Darkyn strode past him, and Jade bowed his head again.

The demon was too surprised to react, and Jade hacked him down until the black walls were sprayed with demon blood.

The sounds of fighting from the direction of the castle made Jade sweat.

I care nothing for this either, Jade thought.

The miners are all Kachins, and the right to collect the jade duty of 331 is farmed out by government to a lessee, who has hitherto always been a Chinaman.