Sentence Examples with the word jacob

The introduction of printing (first dated Hebrew printed book, Rashi, Reggio, 1475) gave occasion for a number of scholarly compositors and proof-readers, some of whom were also authors, such as Jacob ben Ilayyim of Tunis Later waters.

In August 977 Aziz met the united forces of Aftakin and his Carmathian ally outside Ramleh in Palestine and inflicted a crushing defeat on them, which was followed by the capture of Aftakin; this able officer was taken to Egypt, and honorably treated by the caliph, thereby incurring the jealousy of Jacob b.

There is evidence for the existence of the names Abram, Jacob and Joseph previous to 900 B.C., but this does not prove the antiquity of the present narratives encircling them.

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SIMON GRYNAEUS (1493-1541), German scholar and theologian of the Reformation, son of Jacob Gryner, a Swabian peasant, was born in 1493 at Vehringen, in HohenzollernSigmaringen.

It was founded in 1811, as a depot for the fur trade, by John Jacob Astor, in whose honour it was named.

The Testaments of Isaac and Jacob are still preserved in Arabic and Ethiopic (see James, Op. cit.

Although the later genealogies from Jacob to Moses allow only four generations (cf.

The book of Jubilees (a haggadic and halakic Midrash on Genesis, about 2nd century B.C.), contains the story of the war between Amorite Kings and Jacob (ch.

His father, Jacob Stephen Hawker, was at that time a doctor, but afterwards curate and vicar of Stratton, Cornwall.

In 1616 the vessels of Jacob Lemaire and Willem Cornelis Schouten reached the island of Nivatoputapu, and had a hostile encounter with the natives.