Sentence Examples with the word jackson

When Jackson came along, Emily decided he would be her baby and always took care of him.

Only Jackson could turn a kindness into an insult.

They were mostly quiet on the ride home, both reflecting on how easy it was to be together, and Jackson enjoyed watching her drive.

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After the breach between Jackson and Calhoun, Van Buren was clearly the most prominent candidate for the vice-presidency.

Elisabeth appraised Jackson then Sarah.

Up to this point Adams's career had been almost uniformly successful, but his presidency (1825-1829) was in most respects a failure, owing to the virulent opposition of the Jacksonians; in 1828 Jackson was elected president over Adams. It was during his administration that irreconcilable differences developed between the followers of Adams and the followers of Jackson, the former becoming known as the National Republicans,.

They were quiet for a time, before Jackson summoned the courage to speak.

When Sarah returned with the groceries, she found Jackson in the holding room making the bed.

As they were leaving the room, Jackson stopped at his dresser and retrieved the ring from the top drawer.

Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded, but his men and those of Longstreet's who had remained with Lee defeated Hooker and forced him to retire again beyond the Rappahannock, though he had double Lee's force.