Sentence Examples with the word j

This region has never been thoroughly explored, or brought under effective Turkish rule, on account of the inaccessible character of its mountains and forests, and the lawlessness of its inhabitants - a group of two Roman Catholic and three Moslem tribes, known collectively as the Malsia Jakovs, whose official representative resides in J akova.

Braun (Liturgische Gewandung, p. 513) thinks that the symbolism of the cross may have had some influence in fixing and propagating the square shape, and he quotes a decree of the synod of Aix (1585) ordering the J g h clergy to wear a biretta sewn in the form of a cross (biretum in modum crucis consuturn, ut ecclesiasticos homines decet).

In the cultivated upland valleys all over Arabia the Zizyphus j ujuba, called by some travellers lotus, grows to a large tree; its thorny branches are clipped yearly and used to fence the cornfields among which it grows.

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In the peninsula, however, no marine fossils have yet been found of earlier date than J urassic and Cretaceous, and these are confined to the neighbourhood of the coasts; the principal fossiliferous deposits are the plantbearing beds of the Gondwana series, and there can he no doubt that, at least since the Carboniferous period, nearly the whole of the Peninsula has been land.

The more fragmentary recension gives the history of the childhood from the 5th to the 8th year, and is entitled LGyypa j sa roil) e yiov arov76Xov 7rEpi Tijs 7racScKCis avaUTpocbC7s Tou Kvpiov (Tischendorf, op. cit.

The verniers are attached to arms uu bearing on an enlargement of one trunnion of the telescope, one arm pro j ecting downwards and embracing a projection on the standard t.

The draw-bar is connected to the buckle, which is carried on rollers, the ends of the spring resting J on plates fixed to the under-frame.

As a special case A the three points A, B, C may be in a straight line; J is then at infinity and the displacement is equivalent to FIG 10 a pure translation, since every point of the lamina is now displaced parallel to AB through a space equal to AB.

As we have already indicated, the document J assumes that Yahweh was worshipped by the Hebrew race from the first.

It is readily seen that if the optical system be symmetrical, the origins of the co-ordinate systems collinear with the optical axis Object J Barrel shaped Cushion shaped Distorted image FIG.