Sentence Examples with the word ix

Fremy, Un Ambassadeur liberal sous Charles IX Henri III, Arnaud du Ferrier (Paris, 1880).

Quellenkritisch untersucht (1889); P. Balan, Storia di Gregorio IX e dei suoi tempi (3 vols., Modena, 1872-1873); F.

Masetti, I Pontefici Onorio III, Gregorio IX ed Innocenzo IV a fronte dell' Imperatore Federico II nel secolo XIII (1884); T.

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Honig, Rapporti tra Federico II e Gregorio IX rispetto alla spedizione in Palestina (1896); P. T.

On the right-hand side is such that the coefficient of x n ix n Zx n 3...

Thus, after a struggle of more than half a century, ix spite of apparently insuperable obstacles, the liberation an the unity of Italy were accomplished.

An admissible error of phase of 4X will correspond to an error of IX in a reflecting and 2X in a (glass) refracting surface, the incidence in both cases being perpendicular.

Before the commotion caused by the death of Victor Emmanuel had passed away, the decease of Pius IX (7th February 1878) placed further demands upon Crispis sagacity and promptitude.

Bougeart, Les Cordeliers, documents pour servir ix l'histoire de la Revolution (Caen, 1891); G.