Sentence Examples with the word iwo

Precipitous cliffs, Iwo to 2000 ft.

The escarpment runs north from Portland Island on the English Channel, curves north-eastward as the Cotteswold Hills, rising abruptly from the Severn plain to heights of over Iwo ft.; it sinks to insignificance in the Midland counties, is again clearly marked in Lincolnshire, and rises in the North Yorkshire moors to its maximum height of over 1500 ft.

Up to 1909 only sovereigns and half-sovereigns were struck at these establishments, but in Iwo arrangements were made for a Commonwealth silver coinage.

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The marsh lands afford admirable pasture, and a greater proportion of cattle (65 per Iwo inhabitants) is reared in Schleswig-Holstein, mainly by small owners, than in any other Prussian province.

By adding an alcoholic solution of iodine to a solution of the sulphate in acetic acid a compound known as herapathite, 4Qu 3H 2 SO 4.2HI Ie6H 2 O, is obtained, which possesses optical properties similar to those of tourmaline; it is soluble in Iwo parts of boiling water; and its sparing solubility in cold alcohol has been utilized for estimating quinine quantitatively.