Sentence Examples with the word ivy

Since I wrote you, Helen and I have gone to live all by ourselves in a little garden-house about a quarter of a mile from her home, only a short distance from Ivy Green, the Keller homestead.

In 1759 he leased the Ivy House pottery in Burslem from some relatives, and like a sensible man he continued to make only such pottery as was being made at the period by his fellow - manufacturers.

She didn't bring any calamine lotion because she had never broken out with poison ivy before.

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Ball (Norfolk) and Lion's Head (Salisbury), each 1760 ft.; Canaan Mountain (North Canaan), 1680 ft.; and Ivy Mountain (Goshen), 1640 ft.

No doubt they were signs for the different members of the family at Ivy Green.

In 1821, and, having been ordained in 1820, held successively curacies at Westwell in Kent and Ash (to the latter the rectory of Ivy Church was added in 1822).

Frantically, she grabbed at the five-leaf ivy that covered the ground.

I didn't even see any poison ivy today.

I've been around poison ivy before and I didn't break out.

The arrival of a new baby at Ivy Green the other day was the occasion of a fresh outburst of questions about the origin of babies and live things in general.