Sentence Examples with the word ivory

And when in the year 423 B.C., through the negligence of the priestess Chryseis, the old temple was burnt down, the Argives erected a splendid new temple, built by Eupolemos, in which was placed the great gold and ivory statue of Hera, by the sculptor Polyclitus, the Cyclopean wall and below it were found traces of small houses of the rudest, earliest masonry which are pre-Mycenaean, if not pre-Cyclopean.

The Nile valley afforded a passage by ship or on foot into Nubia, where, however, little wealth was to be sought, though gold and rarities from the Sudan, such as ivory and ebony, came that way and an armed raid could yield a good spoil in slaves and cattle.

The metallic bowl and mouthpiece of the pipe offered a tempting surface for embellishment, as well as the clasp of the pouch; and the netsuke, being made of wood, ivory or other material susceptible of carving, also gave occasion for art and ingenuity.

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It is some five feet long, ending at the top in a crook (volute) bent inwards, and made of metal, ivory or wood.

The long rows of teeth on the bulwarks glistened in the moonlight; and like the white ivory tusks of some huge elephant, vast curving icicles depended from the bows.

The Liberian coast has few lagoons compared with the adjoining littoral of Sierra Leone or that of the Ivory Coast.

Captain Ahab kicked ye, didn't he?' 'Yes, he did,' says I--'right HERE it was.' 'Very good,' says he--'he used his ivory leg, didn't he?' 'Yes, he did,' says I.

The exports are chiefly coffee, hides, ivory (all from Abyssinia), gum, mother-of-pearl and a little gold; the imports cotton and other European stuffs, cereals, beverages, tobacco and arms and ammunition for the Abyssinians.

All the trade with Darfur passes through the town, the chief commerce being in cattle, feathers, ivory and cotton goods.

The ivory of which the tusk is composed is of very good quality, but owing to the central cavity, only fitted for the manufacture of objects of small size.