Sentence Examples with the word ivanov

Army of interposing between Ivanov and Bulgaria led to a regrouping of the Serbian forces for the benefit of this army, which, pursuing its advantage, drove back its opponents towards the line of mountains in the upper Bregalnitsa bend (Obozna-1340-Grlena).

Thus Ivanov was cut off from the railwa y, and his only line of retreat lay up the narrow Struma valley to Jumaya.

On July 25 Ivanov and Kutinchev simultaneously attacked the leading troops of the Greek central or Struma column 1 before the main body was clear of the Kresna defile.

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But Ivanov had obtained an opportunity that he could not have gained by his own efforts to extricate the various forces of the Bulgarian left which were scattered from the Vardar to the Struma.