Sentence Examples with the word iv

He straightened her IV cord.

The worc nepotism acquired new significance in the reigns of Sixtus IV and Innocent VIII.

Victor grabbed the IV and Elisabeth's wrist.

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Lauer, La Regne de Louis IV d'Outre-Mer (Paris, 1900); and A.

The rest of the appendage, as also of app. III, IV and V, has been cut away.

A nurse was hanging an IV on the other bed and glanced up.

Anquez, Henri IV et l'Allemagne (Paris, 1887).

The nurse injected the medicine into the IV and left the room.

And III., pyrazine being I.: HC N CH HC NH CH HC N CH2 H2C NH CH2 HC N CH2 H2C NH H2 I (Pyrazine) II (1.4 dihydro) III (2.3 dihydro) IV (Piperazine).

Connor assumed his best course would be to remove the IV from Elisabeth's arm, and saw this as his opportunity.