Sentence Examples with the word itching

I mean, it'll make the bumps go away after a few days, and it'll stop itching right now.

Taran considered the old warrior, itching to return to the book.

A lotion containing ten minims of the dilute acid to an ounce of water and glycerin will relieve itching due to any cause; and is useful in some forms of neuralgia.

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Besides, my wife is itching to photograph the wildflowers.

Yeah, I'm just tired, and my throat is itching this morning.

In the same way itching is often caused by the presence of insects or other irritants upon the skin, and it tends reflexly to cause rubbing, which is useful by removing the irritant.

As an instance of misdirection, we may take the irritation which remains in the eye after a particle of dust has been removed, or the itching of the skin which occurs in eczema.

The diseases to which the application has been hitherto confined are papillomata, lupus vulgaris, epithelial tumours, syphilitic ulcers, pigmentary naevi, angiomata, and pruritus and chronic itching of the skin; but the use of radium in therapeutics is still experimental.

To the ounce) are useful in allaying the itching in erythematous eczema.

Dean knew the old man was itching to raise the more important topic of Jerome Shipton's death.