Sentence Examples with the word isothermal

The isothermal lines run almost due E.

The available energy A is the work which may be gained from the system by a small reversible isothermal operation with an osmotic cylinder, that is Pdv.

These isothermal lines will be found to vary frommonth to month over the two hemispheres, or over local areas, during summer and winter, and their position is modified by continental or oceanic conditions.

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The isothermal lines trend from south-east to north-west.

In considering the corresponding relation for a solution instead of a pure liquid, possible differences in concentration make the column method difficult of application, and it is better to attach the problem by means of an imaginary cycle of isothermal operation.

The increment of this area (or the decrement of the negative area E--04) at constant temperature represents the external work obtainable from the substance in isothermal expansion, in the same way that the decrement of the intrinsic energy represents the work done in adiabatic expansion.

The temperature, however, has a daily range less than that of other countries under the same isothermal lines.

It is generally convenient to divide the path into two steps, isothermal and isometric, or isothermal and isopiestic, and to integrate along each separately.

The theoretical indicator diagram is made up of two isothermal lines for the taking in and rejection of heat, and two lines of constant volume for the two passages through the regenerator.

K, k, Adiabatic and isothermal elasticities.