Sentence Examples with the word isosceles

Take any two arbitrary directions in the plane of the paper, and draw a small isosceles triangle abc, whose sides are perpendicular to the two directions, and consider the equilibrium of a small triangular prism of fluid, of which the triangle is the cross section.

P. 157); (2) the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal (Id.

If both places have the same latitude we have to deal with an isosceles triangle, of which two sides and the included angle are given.

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In crystallography the icosahedron is a possible form, but it has not been observed; it is closely simulated by a combination of the octahedron and pentagonal dodecahedron, which has twenty triangular faces, but only eight are equilateral, the remaining twelve being isosceles (see Crystallography).

Its form is approximately that of an isosceles triangle, with the sharp angle extending into Lower California, W.

The spherical A isosceles triangles AJB, BJC are con gruent, and we see that AB can be brought into the position BC by a rotation about the axis OJ through an FIG.