Sentence Examples with the word islet

Suakin stands on a coralline islet connected with the suburb of El-Kef on the mainland by a causeway and a viaduct.

The ruined castle on an islet in the loch once belonged to the Campbells of Lochawe.

MONT ST MICHEL, a rocky islet of western France, off the coast of the department of Manche, some 6 m.

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With these is often included the rocky islet of Fatuhuku or Hood, lying in mid-channel to the north of Hivaoa.

At the extreme north-eastern end of the lake, on an islet which, when the water is low, becomes part of the mainland, stand the imposing ruins of Kilchurn Castle.

They were desired by France because of their geographical position, Konakry, the capital of French Guinea, being built on an islet but 3 m.

The fortress-abbey to which Mont St Michel owes its fame stands upon the more precipitous side of the islet towards the north and west, the sloping portion towards the east and south being occupied by houses.

Its name, which signifies in Arabic the island, is derived from a small islet on one side of the harbour.

In the malarious islet of Asinara a pond of stagnant water was treated with petroleum and all windows were protected with gauze.

It has three entrances; the principal, and the only one practicable for large vessels, is to the south of the town, and is defended by two strong forts, at Drottningskar on the island of Asps, and on the islet of Kungsholm.