Sentence Examples with the word irrigate

South-east Transbaikalia suffers from want of water, and the Buriats have to irrigate their fields.

Ajmere is almost totally devoid of rivers, the Banas being the only stream which can be dignified with that name, and it only touches the south-eastern boundary of the district so as to irrigate the pargana of Samur.

It was designed to command an area of about 22 million acres, and to irrigate annually rather less than half that area.

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The river has a course of about 200 m., and its waters irrigate the best and most populous part of the province.

Whatever may be the command of water, it is unwise to attempt to irrigate too large a surface at once.

A much greater scheme than any of the above is that of the Sind Sagar canal, projected from the left bank of the Indus opposite Kalabagh, to irrigate 1,750,000 acres at a cost of Bx.6,000,000.

The river brings down from the mountains enough water to supply the town and irrigate a considerable area in its vicinity.

In the first place, the extremely small size and isolation of the vegetative cells place the protoplasmic contents in peculiarly favourable circumstances for action, and we may safely conclude that, weight for weight and molecule for molecule, the protoplasm of bacteria is brought into contact with the environment at far more points and over a far larger surface than is that of higher organisms, whether - as in plants - it is distributed in thin layers round the sap-vacuoles, or - as in animals - is bathed in fluids brought by special mechanisms to irrigate it.

The Washburn project was to irrigate 5000 acres in McLean county with water pumped from the Missouri river.

Two of these projects had been begun by 1909: the Umatilla project in Umatilla county, to irrigate 20,440 acres with water diverted from the Umatilla river by a dam (98 ft.