Sentence Examples with the word irremediable

The rupture seemed irremediable when the assembly of Poissy recognized the order of the Jesuits, which the French church had held in suspicion since its foundation.

After the defeat of Antiochus the Great, king of Syria, by the Romans, Ephesus was handed over by the conquerors to Eumenes, king of Pergamum, whose successor, Attalus Philadelphus, unintentionally worked the city irremediable harm.

In fine, the decadence of the papal institution manifested itself in an irremediable manner when it had accomplished no more than the half of its task.

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And his immediate successors was aimed not only at the episcopate but also at the capitulary bodies and monastic clergy, it, too, could but tend to a considerable extension of the authority of the successors of to St Peter, for it struck an irremediable blow at the ancient Christian hierarchy.