Sentence Examples with the word ironic

It is ironic to think that, in later years, the police would require help themselves.

It was an ironic allusion to 19th century modes of narration.

As part of Nana's torment, in a bitterly ironic twist, former Eastender's star Hilda Braid has been taken to a nursing home with suspected dementia.

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It is ironic that the retarded man should be taken into the confidence of these supposedly normal characters.

His mouth twisted into an ironic smile that never reached his eyes.

It is ironic that someone who advocates investor discipline should show so little as a writer.

While the soldiers were shouting Kutuzov leaned forward in his saddle and bowed his head, and his eye lit up with a mild and apparently ironic gleam.

Before she died, Eyre had composed the cruelly ironic epitaph, which finally stung her to desperation and death.

But the form Querouailles was commonly used in England, where it was corrupted into Carwell or Carewell, perhaps with an ironic reference to the care which the duchess took to fill her pocket.

In an ironic twist, the actual bearer of the guns rears their head from the jungle.