Sentence Examples with the word irishman

But alas! the culture of an Irishman is an enterprise to be undertaken with a sort of moral bog hoe.

No individual Irishman was taxed on a higher scale than any corresponding citizen of Great Britain.

The Mantuan peasant was grieved at the notion of his harvest being gathered by barbarian soldiers, and the Irishman could not be better pleased to see his destroyed.

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Cleburne, a brave Irishman who had been a corporal in the British army), six wounded, and one captured; the Union losses (excluding cavalry) were 2326.

Moreover English and not Breton law was to be employed, and no Irishman could legally be receivd into a religious house, nor presented to a benefice.

His father was an Irishman and his mother of Scotch-Irish and Huguenot descent.

In this connexion it is interesting to find an Irishman named Fith (also called Iserninus) associated with St Patrick at Auxerre.

The name Scotus, which has often been taken to imply Scottish origin, really favours the theory that he was an Irishman according to the then usage of Scotus or Scotigena.

Pope Zachary, when in 741 he condemned the views of Virgilius, the learned bishop of Salzburg, an Irishman who had been denounced as a heretic by St Boniface, declares it to be perversa et iniqua doctrina.

The one was an Irishman called Fith, better known as Iserninus, the other Auxilius.