Sentence Examples with the word ir

OaoLAE60t ir aTES; cf.

Then was a universal wish that the Austrian Germans should hi included in the German state; on the other hand, it was fel that if all the various nationalities of Austria formed a unite monarchy, and if this monarchy as a whole were included ir the confederation, it would necessarily overshadow Germany and expose her to unnecessary external dangers.

Thus even ir these constructive processes there occurs a constant pas,age of energy backwards and forwards from the kinetic to the potential condition and vice versa.

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They vary ir color and value: the Habashi or Abyssinian is the most valued the Suhali or Somali, next in blackness, is next in price; the Born bassi, or coal-black negro of the interior, being of much less price and usually only used as a cook.

Iridium sesquioxide, Ir 2 0 3, is obtained when potassium iridium chloride is heated with sodium or potassium carbonates, in a stream of carbon dioxide.

The illegitimate births show a decrease, having been 6.95 per 100 births in 1872 and 5.72 in 1902 with a rise, however, in the intermediate period as high as 7.76 ir 1883.

To participate; and Rouher, the French premier, declared ir the Chamber (5th of December 1867) that France could never permit the Italians to occupy Rome.

And here wi may take it as certain that the scene of his activity was laid ir the east of Iran, in Bactria and its neighboring regions.

At the same time Ulster was left to Eber son of Ir son of Miled.

The sesquisulphide, Ir 2 S 3, is obtained as a brown precipitate when sulphuretted hydrogen is passed into a solution of one of the sesqui-salts.