Sentence Examples with the word ipsus

In 301 he joined Lysimachus in Asia Minor, and at Ipsus Antigonus fell before their combined power.

In 301 the coalition triumphed over Antigonus in the battle of Ipsus (in Phrygia) and he himself was slain.

Seleucus joined him in 301, and at the battle of Ipsus Antigonus was slain.

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Founded as a Greek city in 300 B.C. by Seleucus Nicator, as soon as he had assured his grip upon western Asia by the victory of Ipsus (301), it was destined to rival Alexandria in Egypt as the chief city of the nearer East, and to be the cradle of gentile Christianity.

But when news came that Antigonus had been defeated and slain at Ipsus (30r) by Lysimachus and Seleucus, Ptolemy occupied Palestine for the fourth time.