Sentence Examples with the word ipso facto

By an act of the 17th of July 1862 any slave of a disloyal master who was in territory occupied by northern troops was declared ipso facto free.

The penalty of excommunication ipso facto is only maintained for reading books written by heretics or apostates in defence of heresy, or books condemned by name under pain of excommunication by pontifical letters (not by decrees of the Index).

If, on attaining his majority, the king refused to ratify these promises, his subjects were ipso facto absolved from their obedience.

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On the 5th of June 1409 was read the definitive sentence: that as heretics, and therefore separated from the Church, Pedro de Luna (Benedict XIII.) and Angelo Corrario (Gregory XII.) were ipso facto deposed from any office; they must not be obeyed, nor assisted, nor harboured.

By a decree of the Lateran council of 1215, which was enforced in England, no clerk can hold two benefices with cure of souls, and if a beneficed clerk shall take a second benefice with cure of souls, he vacates ipso facto his first benefice.

The following is a list of the most thoroughly characteristic alpine plants - all of them ipso facto members of the endemic element - which are at once peculiar to the Alps (or practically I.

This was confirmed in 1641, when it was also provided that the mayor and recorder should be ipso facto justices of the peace.

But the fact of a government levying so general a charge may be held ipso facto to convert the charge into a tax, having much the same economic effects and consequences as a tax.

It is doubtful whether, as is commonly assumed, they were considered as ipso facto enemies; they were rather guests.

That of the perpendicular from point to plane, and therefore a calculus of points and planes is ipso facto a calculus of lines also.