Sentence Examples with the word io

At Fez, 1885-1887, and in io vols.

In Wales there are io borough parliamentary areas, all of which, except Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea town division, consist of groups of several contributory boroughs.

It may be obtained as a dark brown amorphous powder by placing a mixture of io parts of the roughly powdered oxide with 6 parts of metallic sodium in a red-hot crucible, and covering the mixture with a layer of well-dried common salt.

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It has lately been shown by Fraser and Chambers that in Eurotium both io FIG.

In December of the same year this impost was repealed, and a true income tax of io per cent.

The prefixes for multiplication by io, io 2, io 3 and Io 4 are deca-, hecto-, kilo- and myria-, and those for division by io, io 2 and io 3 are deci-, centi- and milli-; the former being derived from Greek, and the latter from Latin.

P. decandra, the North American Poke Weed or Red Ink plant, grows 5 to io ft.

COLLATIA, an ancient town of Latium, io m.

The largest British species, Gobius capito, occurring in the rock-pools of Cornwall, measures io in.

Thus if the instrument depends on the pressure or suction effect alone, and this pressure or suction is measured against the air pressure in an ordinary room, in which the doors and windows are carefully closed and a newspaper is then burnt up the chimney, an effect may be produced equal to a wind of io m.