Sentence Examples with the word inwardly

Mandibles absent in imago, very exceptionally present in pupa; first maxillae nearly always without laciniae and often without palps, or only with vestigial palps, their galeae elongated and grooved inwardly so as to form a sucking trunk.

Though outwardly he continued to live in the same old way, inwardly he began a new life.

The growth of inwardly directed shoots FIG.

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Dean rolled his eyes, but smiled inwardly at his wife's concern as he looked for a place to turn around the jeep.

But inwardly sorrowful age.

While France was thus inwardly convulsed, its rulers were doubly bound to husband the national strength and practise moderation towards other states.

The outward set of teeth drill the hole large enough to permit the drilling apparatus to descend freely, and the teeth set inwardly pare down the core to such a diameter as will admit of the body of the cutter passing over it without seizing.

She recoiled inwardly at the malice in his eyes.

She repelled all attempts of the young men of her acquaintance to win her favour; and while active in the performance of her duties, and apparently finding her life quite congenial, inwardly she was engrossed with thoughts reaching far beyond the circle of her daily concerns.

They pray inwardly at all times; on fixed days they assemble for prayer-meetings, at which they greet each other fraternally with low bows, thereby acknowledging every man as a bearer of the Divine Spirit.