Sentence Examples with the word invigorating

The town is celebrated for its invigorating climate, and its annual regatta on the Derwent attracts numerous visitors.

Above sea-level, in a fertile valley of the Sierra Bergantin, long celebrated for its cool, invigorating climate.

Mangrove swamps surround the town and epidemics of cholera, yellow fever and other tropical diseases have been frequent; but the unhealthiness of the climate is mitigated to some extent by the high tides which cover the marshes, and the invigorating breezes which blow in from the sea.

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Though Carlyle, especially in his earlier years, could deliver an invigorating and encouraging, if not a sanguine doctrine, his utterances were more generally couched in the key of denunciation, and betrayed a growing despondency.

Its altitude gives the city a cool invigorating climate, making it a favourite summer residence for the well-to-do classes of Rio.

CAYEY, an inland district and mountain town of the department of Guayama, Porto Rico, celebrated for its cool, invigorating climate and the beauty of its scenery.

Ouray County was perfect for invigorating outdoor activity, with its crystal clear air and dry, windless temperatures just below freezing.

In the sunshine the air was warm, and that warmth was particularly pleasant with the invigorating freshness of the morning frost still in the air.

The climate is excellent, invigorating alike for Europeans and natives.

For eight months the invigorating N.E.