Sentence Examples with the word investment

Promoted to be a lieutenantgeneral, and given the command of the 16th Division, he took part in the investment of Plevna and also in the fight of the 9th of December, when Osman Pasha surrendered, with his army.

After a mind boggling search through more investment files, she found his savings account.

The investment of Ladysmith continued till the 28th of February 1900, when, after various attempts to relieve the beleaguered garrison, Sir Redvers Buller's forces at last entered the town.

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The town fell after an investment of three months.

It is in the north-west of the province, is famous for its investment by the Boers in 18 991900 and is an important railway junction.

The modern industrial development of the state is due to the railway lines constructed across it during the last quarter of the 19th century, and to the investment of foreign capital in local enterprises.

The investment now resumed its regular course.

These simple business principles do not seem to be generally recognized by the investing public, and mines, whose earning capacity is accurately known, are frequently quoted on the stock markets at prices which cannot possibly yield enough to the purchaser to repay his investment during the probable life of the mine.

The Investment of Metz (Aug.

On the 9th of July Sherman began an investment of the place, and during the succeeding week a sharp bombardment was carried on.