Sentence Examples with the word invertebrate

Tachinoides, does render it probable that the pathogenic forms also have true invertebrate hosts.

The treatise which laid the foundation for all subsequent invertebrate palaeontology was his memoir, Sur les fossiles des environs de Paris..

Dall and many other invertebrate palaeontologists subscribed.

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P. 146.) The food of the flamingo seems to consist chiefly of small aquatic invertebrate animals whch live in the mud of lagoons, for instance Mollusca, but also of Confervae and other low salt-water algae.

Nothing definite is yet known with regard to the transmission of the parasites by an alternate invertebrate host, although there is presumptive evidence in favour of this supposition.2 A word or two must be said in conclusion with reference to the supposed connexion of the Spirochaetae with the n Trypanosomes.

The chief presentations of the methods of the American school of invertebrate palaeontologists are to be found in A.

Melchior Neumayr, the great Austrian palaeontologist, especially extended the philosophic foundations of modern invertebrate palaeontology, and traced a number of continuous genetic series (formenreihe) in successive horizons.

P. Lamarck's term Annelides, now used to denote a major phylum or division of coelomate invertebrate animals.

In an epoch-making essay, On the Parallelism between the Different stages of Life in the individual and those in the entire group of the Molluscous Order Tetrabranchiata (1866), and in a number of subsequent memoirs, among which Genesis of the Arietidae (1889) and Phylogeny of Characteristic (1894) should be mentioned, he laid the foundations, by methods of the most exact analysis, for all future recapitulation work of invertebrate palaeontologists.

The relationship of the Hymenoptera to other orders of insects is discussed in the article Hexapoda, but it may be mentioned here that in structure the highest members of the order are remarkably specialized, and that in the perfection of their instincts they stand at the head of all insects and indeed of all invertebrate animals.