Sentence Examples with the word inventory

The earliest notice of the use of the rochet is found in an inventory of the vestments of the Roman clergy, dating from the 9th century.

I held the inventory to make sure.

The inventory of his personal effects, published by E.

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Her attention shifted to the nurse behind the counter, who was taking full inventory of Alex.

The Jew had anticipated just such an event, and had secretly arranged that after his death an inventory of Abdullah's property should fall into the hands of the government - knowing that the latter had claims on the estates of el-Jazzar and Suleiman.

She tried to assuage all feuds; in an inventory of her jewels she left many of them to Darnley, in case she and her child did not survive its birth.

Dupuy's classification is still regarded with respect, but the inventory has been partially replaced by the publication of the Layettes du tresor (four volumes, coming down to 1270; 1863-1902).

After making an inventory of all his possessions, he left the duchy in October 1471, taking with him the most valuable of his treasures.

This is sort of an inventory of the stuff.

Blanchard published some Recherches sur les caracteres osteo- logiques des oiseaux appliquees a la classification naturelle de ces animaux, strongly urging the superiority of such characters over those drawn from the bill or feet, which, he remarks, though they may have sometimes given correct notions, have mostly led to mistakes, and, if observations of habits and food have sometimes afforded happy results, they have often been deceptive; so that, should more be wanted than to draw up a mere inventory of creation or trace the distinctive outline of each species, zoology without anatomy would remain a barren study.