Sentence Examples with the word inured

The Afghans, inured to bloodshed from childhood, are familiar with death, and audacious in attack, but easily discouraged by failure; excessively turbulent and unsubmissive to law or discipline; apparently frank and affable in manner, especially when they hope to gain some object, but capable of the grossest brutality when that hope ceases.

On the other hand, the Russians, once their fatherland was invaded, became dominated by an ever-growing spirit of fanaticism, and they were by nature too obedient to their natural leaders, and too well inured to the hardships of campaigning, to lose their courage in a retreat.

He inured himself to the vicissitudes of heat and cold, and voluntarily suffered the pains or inconveniences of hunger and thirst, fatigue and sleeplessness.

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Moreover, they were essentially a wartrained army, for even in peace time their long marches to and fro within the empire had most thoroughly inured them to hardship and privation.

Intoxication (but this apparently only applies to those not inured to the use of the liquor) follows in about twenty minutes.

The horses and cattle are of a degenerate type, small, ungainly and inured to neglect and hard usage.

When required for use they are removed to cool sheds to thaw, and are then gradually inured to higher temperatures.

Both alike are hardy, though rarely tall; both, when of the peasant class, frugal and inured to toil amid the rigours of their native climate.