Sentence Examples with the word inundation

A section of artificially drained land), by surrounding it with dikes or quays for the twofold purpose of protecting it from all further inundation from outside and of controlling the amount of water inside.

The lowlands of Tilsit are protected against inundation by dikes.

But Holland's chief protection against inundation is its long line of sand dunes, in which only two real breaches have been effected during the centuries of erosion.

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Although numerous reinforcements arrived, he would have found it very difficult to storm the place previous to the inundation of the Nile but for treachery within the citadel; the Greeks who remained there were either made prisoners or put to the sword.

In 1663 an inundation carried away half the capital, and the population was so reduced that in 1680 the seat of government was removed to San Miguel, now Tucuman.

An inundation of the Tiber swept away a large part of Rome, destroying fields, drowning cattle, and causing a famine (162); then came earthquakes, fires and plagues of insects; the soldiers in Britain tried to induce their general Statius Priscus to proclaim himself emperor; finally, the Parthians under Vologaeses III.

A signal proof of its vitality was given in 1838 by the speed and ease with which it recovered from a disastrous inundation that destroyed 3000 houses.

The northern and western provinces of Cambodia which fall outside the densely populated zone of inundation are thinly peopled; they consist of plateaus, in many places thickly wooded and intersected by mountains, the highest of which does not exceed 5000 ft.

It is a vast plain, intersected by tidal creeks and subject to inundation at high spring tides.

The middle part of this river, wider and more shallow than the lower reaches, gives rise to a region of inundation and lakes which extend as far as the northern mountain chain.