Sentence Examples with the word inundated

Having caught a cold from a flood which inundated his house, he died in November 1633, at the age of fifty-seven, apparently in needy circumstances.

Gang activity inundated the town.

A famous instance of these penitential litanies is the litania septiformis ordered by Gregory the Great in the year 590, when Rome had been inundated and pestilence had followed.

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Above its bed and inundated a great part of the burgh.

The company was inundated with inquiries about heat stress.

The banks are usually low, in part forested and inundated at high water, but away from the river the country appears to consist of dry plains covered with mimosa scrub.

The, least healthy time of the year is the latter part of autumn, when the inundated soil is drying.

I do not know the distribution and extent of the grazing marsh which is pasture or meadow and how much is grazed and periodically inundated with water.

All public business in the government offices and law courts was conducted in the language, and the Transvaal at the time of its annexation by Great Britain was being gradually inundated by officials, railway servants and others introduced from Holland, who spoke modern Dutch.

It consists entirely of rich alluvial soil, annually inundated to a depth varying from 2 to 14 ft.