Sentence Examples with the word intruding

It explained why he was so unsettled with this woman; she was intruding in his orderly place of refuge.

Somewhere out on the range a lone wolf called, its eerie howl reminding the intruding humans that they had not yet won.

The suppression of the Inquisition and the secularization of the church landsmeasures which had already been taken by the government of the intruding French king Joseph at Madrid-passed together with much else.

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Inland, the intruding barons and the Irish chiefs fought perpetually, with varying fortunes.

Engler's Versuch einer Entwickelungsgeschichte der Pflanzenwelt (Leipzig, 1879-1882), we should have in Siberia (a) the arctic region; (b) the sub-arctic or coniferous region - north Siberian province; (c) the Central-Asian domain - Altai and Daurian mountainous regions; and (d) the east Chinese, intruding into the basin of the Amur.

We are told that he warned his fellow-citizens against Phalaris, whom they had chosen as their general, by relating to them the well-known fable of the horse, which, in its eagerness to punish the stag for intruding upon its pastures, became the slave of man (Aristotle, Rhetoric, ii.

Then I thought you'd realize you were intruding in their lives.

This new settlement of intruding foreigners had naturally to be protected against the infuriated natives, and the castle was accordingly built c. 1113 by Gilbert de Clare, first earl of Pembroke, who subsequently conferred the seignory of Haverford on his castellan, Richard Fitz-Tancred.

The eminent teachers of the time are said to have been Aristo, Zeno's heterodox pupil, and Arcesilas, who in Plato's name brought Megarian subtleties and Pyrrhonian agnosticism to bear upon the intruding doctrine; and after a vigorous upgrowth it seemed not unlikely to die out.

The words might mean that Japheth was an intruding invader, but this is not consonant with the tone of the oracle.